Servicing Your Mobility Scooter

Let our expert technicians and engineers come to your home and service your mobility scooter.

What Does Our Service Include?

Look at our checklist of items that we include in every servicing we perform:

  • We check the condition of your tyres for wear
  • We check and adjust tyre pressures
  • We check the rear safety casters
  • We remove the wheels and grease shafts
  • Check and tighten wheel nuts
  • Check free-wheel mechanism
  • Check and adjust brakes
  • Check chassis and lubricate release mechanism
  • Tighten battery connections
  • Check fuses
  • Check safety cut-out
  • Check general condition of all cables and shrouds
  • Check/adjust and lubricate steering column
  • Inspect steering column comfort adjust mechanism
  • Check/adjust and lubricate steering track rods
  • Check/adjust and lubricate suspension
  • Remove seat, check pole mount and grease pole
  • Check and lubricate swivel, recline and forward/back
  • Look at condition of batteries
  • Check charger output
  • Check motor brushes
  • Check forward reverse levers
  • Check speed adjuster
  • Inspect ignition switch and lubricate
  • Check horn
  • Check lights
  • Check indicators and hazards
  • Carry out a road test to thoroughly check your mobility sccoter is safe and roadworthy

This video has some tips so that you can try troubleshoot your own mobility scooter:

Let our expert technicians and engineers come to your home and service your mobility scooter.

Why Choose Us?

Family Run Business

We Only Use Genuine Manufacturers Parts

Fully Equipped Workshop Facilities

Full Diagnostics & Programming Equipment Carried On Our Vans

Over 30 Years Experience Within the Industry

New Or Reconditioned Scooters & Wheelchairs Always Available

Free Scooter / Wheelchair Assessments & Demonstrations


  1. Rosalind Lee says

    I have an envoy4, it’s loved. Has a problem one side of back wheels.
    Can you help?

  2. Tony Davie says

    I have a Mercury Prism mobility scooter which will not work. It has been a local mobility workshop but they could find nothing wrong. It was there for s week and worked perfectly but as soon as I brought it home it refused to work. Are you able to help please?

  3. Lilian Shawcross says

    I have a TGA Mobility Scooter which is not working properly.

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