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Buying a mobility scooter outright can be difficult, this article explores the options for getting a loan (finance) so you can make monthly interest payments in order to make owning your own electric mobility scooter affordable.

Mobility scooters are an investment especially designed for the walking impaired and disabled to allow an easier people freedom of movement, to be able to get out, do chores, and keep up with their peers socially. There is nothing worse than being stuck at home and be unable to meet up with your friends and family as well as take part in every day life.

Unfortunately it is often the disabled, sick and elderly who don’t have easy access to the necessary finances to be able to enjoy a mobility scooter and the freedom of movement it can provide.

The cheapest mobility scooter that I have been able to see on line is the Pride Go Go Ultra X Mobility Scooter and is available for purchase from and is priced at £394.80 including vat, if you are chronically ill then you will be in the position to purchase your mobility scooter vat free at £329. Although that does seem to be reasonably price that is still a lot of money for many people on a fixed income.

If you are looking at trying to get a loan specifically for a mobility scooter then this page could be of interest to you. Loans for mobility scooters are not that easy to come by and at this moment in time there are few advertisements in newspapers and on the internet.

There are many advertisements on television such as Wonga and Pounds to Pocket. Sounds like a nice idea because the banks won’t give you the loan but the reality of these loan companies is that you are paying back far too much more, as much in some cases at a rate of 1% per day  and of course if you miss a payment then they will charge you an extra fee of £20 , or pay 70% interest on top of the original  loan. It is very easy to see how the debt or loan debt can spiral out of control leaving the borrower in an even more vulnerable position than being able to get about. Avoid these pay-day loan companies.

Fair Mobility on is a registered charity specialises in mobility scooter loans but on further investigation I can see that the borrower is expected to contribute a payment of £20 a day which is around £600 a month. I think this is only ideal for people who want access to a mobility scooter on a special occasion but too expensive for every day life.

If you receive DLA – Disability Living Allowance and qualify for the Mobility Component then will be of interest to you. Pro Rider Mobility will charge you half of your DLA and included in that deal is insurance, home warranty and breakdown cover. At the end of the agreement you get to keep the scooter as opposed to the Motability Scheme where you will be charged your full weekly DLA allowance and  have to give back the scooter at the end of the agreement.  For more details of the Motability Scheme you can look

The Pro Rider Mobility Package will cover England, Wales and most of Scotland. is another company specialising in mobility scooter loans at promising competitive rates.

At Mobility Connect there is a good range of mobility scooters on sale that require only a 10% deposit and then 24 payments thereafter, although you pay no interest you will find yourself paying more than if you bought the mobility scooter outright. For more information you can look on

Another example of being able to purchase a mobility scooter with a small deposit and weekly payments is The Neo 6 Mobility Scooter is available by paying a deposit of £234 and weekly payments of £12.74 over a three year period. It seems like a good deal – total cost £2221. 44 but then you can buy the same model from for £925. The choice is yours.

The residents of Islington can apply directly to the Islington Council for a loan for mobility scooters and power chairs.  The idea of this award winning loan scheme is to provide the users with a better quality of life. The telephone number to ring for more details is 020 7275 2403 or look online on

One interesting way of obtaining a mobility scooter completely free of charge is to place a wanted advertisement on There are many generous people out there wanting to help the less fortunate as well as people giving away their mobile scooters if they no longer require them.

There are countless examples of where people can go and receive a better alternative to Wonga and Pounds to Pocket. The advantage to paying a deposit and then as you go along is the convenience, small amounts of money, and insurances which equal peace of mind but then you will end up paying more than double outright, which is still a large sum of money but all insurances and warranties are down to the individual owner. Companies specialising in exchanging scooters for portions of the DLA are definitely worth investigating further especially when you can get a really good quality mobility scooter.




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