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On this main page we talk specifically about some of the main mobility scooter manufacturers.

We have an overall guide to show you who are the best known brand name mobility scooter companies and from this page you can go off and find specific information on that manufacturer and their various models.

On the most popular mobility scooters we provide reviews and comments from actual users who’ve owned the scooter and who can provide valuable feedback.

Model Shown - Pride Go Go Scooter - (image hosted by also welcome your opinions and reviews so please help to build this website into the number one resource for mobility scooters on the Internet.

If you are looking to purchase or buy a mobility scooter you can’t fail to come across the major brand name of Pride Mobility who produce some of the very best quality mobility scooters on the market.

We have a whole section on Pride mobility scooters which as well as reviewing their specific and most popular models such as the Go Go, Revo, Celebrity and Legend mobility scooters.

We also show you where to get Pride mobility scooter parts and accessories.

Resource: Pride Mobility official website

You will also need to look into other popular mobility scooter companies such as Shoprider whose most popular models include the Deluxe, Cordoba, Cadiz and Paris. Shoprider are an American company who have been producing mobility scooters and power chairs since 1988.

Shoprider state on their website that “our scooters and power chairs are the most reliable and most technically advanced products available in the US today. Manufactured to stringent ISO9001 quality standards.”

Resource: Shoprider official website

Other major brand names and mobility scooter manufacturers in the mobility industry include:

CTM Mobility Scooters

Kymco Mobility Scooters

TGA Mobility Scooters with their popular Vita and Breeze 4 scooter.

Elite Mobility Scooters

You will also see mention of these popular names:

Strider mobility scooter
Wispa mobility scooter
Freerider mobility scooters
Road King mobility scooter
GT-3 mobility scooter
Rio 4 mobility scooter
Little Gem mobility scooter
Freerider mayfair mobility scooter
Lark mobility scooter
Tramper mobility scooter
Heartway mobility scooters
Quingo mobility scooters
Liteway 8 mobility scooter
Micro mobility scooter
Traveso mobility scooter
Whisper mobility scooter
Breeze mobility scooter

Reader Reviews

Invercare Comet

2GOability Boost

Sterling Sapphire 2

Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Plus

Shoprider Cadiz

Shoprider Sovereign

Mercury Prism 4

Luggie Freerider

TGA Mystere

Shoprider Cordoba

TGA Buddy

Pro Rider Road King

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    Our readers have contacted us to ask for the following scooter reviews:

    Affordable lifestyle 4

    Avocet cityranger

    betterlife scout

    Borgaletti B9500X

    Breeze S. 1106000


    CareCo Starlite Travel Mobility Scooter

    Colt Plus

    cordoba s-889xlsbn

    CTM hs-360

    Days ST-5


    Daysin Strider md4 plus

    Daytona xlr

    Dma Mertis

    Drive Envoy


    Drive Royale 4 – brand new £2995

    Drive Sportrider

    Electric Mobili Voyager 6

    Electric mobility rascal pioneer

    Electric mobility ultralite 480

    Electromotion Microglide – 3 yrs old, cost £1300 – Looking for public liability insurance

    FMS DeLuxe EAGLE.

    Freerider kensington 510 dx

    Freerider Kensington S

    Freerider Westminster

    freerider-mayfair 2012

    Golden Technologies Avenger mobility scooter

    Heartway royal 4

    Horizon Mayan AC

    Invacare  Ariga

    Invacare Leo – value £995

    Invacare meteor plus 2 liteway 8

    Invacare Odel – £650 new.

    Invacare orion 8mph

    Invacare Wispa

    Invercare Lynx

    Jazzy Select – value £2000


    Kudos K8 Eurogo 8

    KYMCO midi XLS

    Kymco mini ls for u

    KYMCO Mini S ForU



    Liteway 8

    Liteway Rascal 4 wheel

    Luggie Elite – Need full cover including for travel and accident / liability / theft etc.

    M41 pronto

    Medicare Sterling Pearl

    Medicare Technology Regatta 8

    Mega Lite 6

    Mercury Neo 6 Invacare

    Mercury Neo4

    Merits Road King s148

    Midi XL for U Kymco

    Mobility Nation Explorer 4

    Monarch Mobie

    Monarch xl8 special edition

    Orion 4 wheel.


    Patterson Medical Strider ST5

    Pride Celebrity X Sport

    Pride Colt Deluxe

    Pride Colt Nine

    Pride Colt Pursuit XL 8

    Pride Colt XL8

    Pride comfort coach

    Pride Go Go Elite Traveller sport

    Pride Go Go ET LX 12ah

    Pride Rascal 388s

    Pride Sonic

    Pride victory 4

    Pride/colt deluxe

    Prism Medicare 4-wheel


    Pro rider freedom

    Quingo Air

    Quingo Sport

    Quingo vitesse

    Rascal 388s

    Rascal 600

    Rascal Balance Liteway 3

    Rascal Eco

    Rascal Liteway 6

    Rascal Pioneer

    Rascal taxi

    Rascal VEOX

    RGA Eclipse

    Road king atom 3

    Road King class 2

    Roma cameo

    Roma Medical – Sorento

    Roma Shoprider Cadiz

    Roma Valencia

    Royale Drive

    scout  4 wheel scooter

    Scout drive

    Segue Mobil

    Shoprider Altea

    Shoprider Altea 3

    Shoprider Delux

    Shoprider Deluxe


    Shoprider Paris

    shoprider s-889sl

    Shoprider sprinter deluxe

    Shoprider sunrunner 4

    Shoprider Trevaso

    Shoprider Valencia

    Sovereign 4

    Sovereign Shop Rider

    Spitfire EX 1320

    Sportrider Trike

    Sterling diamond class 3

    Sterling emerald

    Sterling Little Gem 4 Wheel Scooter

    Sterling pearl

    Sterling Sapphire

    Sterling sapphire LS

    Stirling little gem

    Strider md 4

    Strider Midi 4 Plus

    Strider ST

    Sunrise med diamond

    Sunrise Mobile Sapphire 2

    TGA Breeze 3

    TGA breeze 4

    TGA Supersport

    TGA Vita X

    Tiga, minimo


    Tramper Mk 1b


    Ultralite 480

    Van OS Medical. Excit 4 Galaxy

    Wheeltec rio4

    Wheeltech mercury 48

    Whisper shoprider


    1. I am looking to hire a scooter long term a folding one i can put in the boot of the car

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