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  1. Shauna Ratcliffe says

    I have a Quingo Plus but it appears to have an intermittment fault which is showing in the book as being break related. We are in East Grinstead.

  2. paul blacker says

    Hi I have a TGA MYSTERE scooter and I think the PCB has gone wrong can you fix this problem thanks paul

  3. Patrick Considine says

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have a ZT500 Mobility scooter bought from Green Power Ltd in Nov 2020 it’s parked in my garden shed, I used it about 2 weeks ago and it was fully charged, I wanted to go out on it yesterday 2/1/22 but I put my key in turned it on and nothing was showing on the display nothing at all, no speedometer or battery level or turn signals, I plugged in the battery charger cos I thought the battery might be too low but the charger was showing a Green Light telling me it was fully charged, but it is completely dead, Can you help with this problem as I need my scooter working asap, Thank You in advance whether you can help or not.

  4. Shelly Dixon says

    We have a mimi LS ForU mobility scooter which the indicator light keeps flashing and it won’t go. Please could you help further. Many thanks

  5. Pat Comer says

    We have a Kensington S Freerider mobility scooter which my husband last used about 2 years ago. It’s now ‘dead’ and I’d like to be able to use it myself! Batteries definitely need replacing and it needs a general service to make sure it’s safe.
    Is this something you can help with?
    Could you ring rather than email? My number is 01342 811861, and we live in Sharpthorne!

  6. John Glennon says

    Hi,I need a repair and service for my TGA MIDI 3 scooter.Both the wires have come off of the back of the ignition barrel and need fixing

  7. Hello looking for a puncture repair for a ST4 and a look at the electrics RH80NH many thanks Paul

  8. hello
    I was wondering do you hire mobility scooters out for the day . I am wanting to take my dad to Chester zoo on the 11th September 2020 and would need to hire mobility scooter from 10am in the morning . could you deliver scooter too Chester zoo and then collect later that same day.
    kind regards

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