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What make and model of mobility scooter do you have?

My scooter is a Mercury Prism, 4 wheeled.

Where did you buy this from?

I bought it in response to an advert in local Post Office, and it cost me £245, and it had loads of extras… overall cover, bag on back, stick holders, etc.

Do you have any advice for others thinking of buying a mobility scooter?

As I am 90, I am always aware of the camber of the road and the pot-holes so I am never a ‘relaxed’ driver, as I would be in a shopping precint.    If you feel you might need a mobility scooter, keep your eyes open for second hand ones, as there is always a turn over!  Then if you feel you need to upgrade, you can……

About the Mercury Prism Mobility Scooter

• New design wireless connector means it can be split apart in seconds for easy transportation.
• Stylish and appealing body design.
• Available in 9 standard colours; Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, Champagne and Electric Blue.
• Facility to order any other colour shrouds you would like.
• Maximum range is 10 miles on a full battery charge.
• A second battery pack is available and extends the range up to 20 miles.

• Top speed of 4 mph.
• Weight carrying capacity of up to 115kg (18 stone).

• Height adjustable Removable Comfortable Swivel seat with Adjustable Armrests fold down tiller and an internal lifting handle for easy transportation.

• Easy to remove power pack fitted with 2 x 12AH sealed lead acid batteries.
• Intelligent electromagnetic brake system.
• Front storage basket.

• Includes an on board and in-house charger as standard.

• Ground Clearance is 44mm.

Here is a Mercury Prism video…

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