The Motability Scheme: Do You Qualify?

What is the Motability Scheme?

The Motability Scheme is available for people who are on the DLA benefit which is the Disability Living Allowance or for people who are receiving the War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement.

Run by an independent non profit organisation, the Motability Scheme gives people with disabilities the chance to own or lease a vehicle at an affordable price.

The Motability Scheme is also available for people that require a mobility scooter and who have been receiving at least 12 months worth of the Disability Living Allowance. The Motability Scheme is available for all disabled people over the age of three.

If parents are receiving the Disability Living Allowance for children over three years of age then they too can apply for a scooter or vehicle under the Motability Scheme. Under the terms of the Contract Hire if the Disability Allowance is not renewed annually then those in possession of a vehicle or scooter under the Motability Scheme will have to return their car or scooter.

The minimum contract period in the Motability Scheme is three years. All insurances, routine services and breakdown assistance are included in the contract. All adaptations and moderations made to the vehicle will have to be reversed when returning the vehicle. On a hire purchase deal the consumer will own the vehicle after three to five years.

The owner is responsible for negotiating the best prices and paying all the insurances and breakdown cover. For more information on the Motability Sheme, rates and prices you can do some research at

There are also other schemes available which the disabled can make use of which can save even more money than the Motability Scheme such as Pro Rider Mobility.

Pro Rider Mobility will soon be offering a comprehensive finance package which will be an alternative and cheaper option compared to the Motability Scheme.

The current Motability Scheme takes most, if not all of the customers DLA monthly allowance. Whereas Pro Rider Mobility will charge on average half that amount.

With the new proposed scheme you will be able to take out packages including full insurance as well as Home Warranty and Breakdown cover. Therefore, you can have complete peace of mind with your Pro Rider mobility scooter.

Why choose Pro Rider Mobility Finance over the Motability Scheme?

As well as the huge savings you can make when comparing repayments you will also own your Mobility Scooter / Power chair / Rise Recliner Chair at the end of the agreement. Whereas the Motability Contract Hire scheme results in you having to give your mobility item back at the end of the agreement as you will not own it.

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