Mobility Scooter Batteries: Lifespan, Prices & Costs

Mobility scooter batteries not only power mobility scooters but other mobile vehicles such as golf carts.

The most popular mobility scooter brands include 1st By Design, Aldersley, Autochair, Battericar, Beamer, Cadmus International, Remploy, Rainbow, R J Mobility, Freerider, Invacare, Mangar, Pride Mobility Scooters, Shoprider, Sterling, and Sunrise and the batteries discussed below are ideal for these makes and models.

The mobility scooter battery is one of the most important accessories you can purchase for your mobility scooter.

When it comes to the mobility scooter battery it is all about how long does it take to charge and once it is fully charged how long does it last until it needs recharging.

Mobility scooter batteries are best charged overnight. It is important not to overcharge the battery as it could get damaged if you do, although many mobility scooter chargers come with a built in safety mechanism.


It has also been recommended that once very three months to run the battery down completely and then fully recharge it which can take more than a day. This is done to improve the longevity of the mobility scooter battery.

It goes without say that the more you pay for the battery the better the quality. Not only will the battery remain charged for longer, the battery life expectancy will be higher too.

You cannot just buy any mobility scooter battery, they also come in different sizes i.e. length, width and height as well as weight.

On purchasing a mobility scooter you will know the exact specifications and can make an educated choice regards make and model.

The most popular brand of mobility scooter batteries includes Yuasa/Yucel, Sonnenschein, Numax and MK Batteries.

When shopping for a mobility scooter battery it is all about how long the battery can power the mobility scooter between charges and the costs of the battery.

The customer has to decide for himself how often he needs to be about on his scooter, and the amount of charging time needed for every day usage.

See below for some helpful hints and tips, brands and prices to compare.

Yuasa /Yucel batteries come highly recommended and are competitively priced. The Yuasa/Yucel battery are the most famous brand of battery and you can expect the highest quality. Prices typically can range from £17.74 for the Yuasa NP7-12 to the Yuasa NP65-12 priced at £156.99.

Sonnenschein Mobility Scooter batteries have a shelf life of seven years if the owner looks after them. The cheapest Sonnenschein mobility scooter battery is the A512/10S Sonnenschein A500 Network Battery priced at £52,99 , while at the top end of the range there is the GF12072Y Sonnenschein battery priced at £170.50.

People on a budget who want good quality, reliability and value for money can look at the Numax Mobility Scooter Battery. Prices for the Numax Mobility Scooter battery start at just £11.49 for the 7AH 12V Numax VRLA Battery LSLA7-12 while the most expensive Numax Mobility Scooter battery costs £111. 99 for SLC85-12 Numax Sealed Battery.

The MK Battery is an American brand specialising in lead sealed acid batteries and battery chargers. the batteries are of a very high quality. They are more on the pricey side and their cheapest mobility scooter battery, the MK MU-1SLD M-2 35Ah Mobility Battery is priced at £70.47 while at the top end of the spectrum you can expect to pay £649 for the MK 8G4D 12V 183AH 20Hr Sealed Gel Cell.

Shopping for a mobility scooter battery on sites such as Amazon gives you an idea of which make and model of battery to shop for as you can enter the model of your mobility scooter and the the search results will tell you immediately which mobility scooter battery is suitable for purchase and then you can decide for yourself which is best suited for your everyday use.

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  1. Paul Windle-Taylor says

    Help with “dead” mobility scooter.
    My wife has a mobility scooter.
    It has not been in use during lockdown, and now it appears to have dead batteries.
    By that I mean that the mains charger lights up when switched on, but the charging light does not illuminate. No charge is apparent in the batteries after several hours
    The details of the scooter are as follows:

    Model. STRIDER.
    Model number MN4 BU17
    Battery x2. SLK Power NP 22-12

    Your advice on this problem would be appreciated.
    I am having considerable problems finding any advice, and wonder of a simple battery change would be the answer.
    Kind regards,
    Dr.Paul Windle-Taylor
    01730 816254 (West Sussex)

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