Mobility Scooter Hire & Rental

Mobility scooter hire and rental is becoming increasingly more popular for a whole variety of reasons which we outline below.

The key question which we answer is why would you consider renting a mobility scooter instead of considering buying a mobility scooter outright?

Even if you have the money to purchase a mobility scooter, there are some advantages to renting or hiring one instead which you may not be aware of.

In addition we also list also list a number of companies that are able to provide a rental service so that this page covers all possibilities if you have any interest in hiring mobility scooters whether it is a short-term use or for long-term.

Short-Term Mobility Scooter Hire

Hiring a mobility scooter for a short time is generally because you are visiting an area of the country or going abroad on holiday at the practical reasons you don’t wish or can’t take your own scooter with you.

National Mobility (see details below) offer a service whereby they can deliver a mobility scooter to 95% of U.K. addresses.

“Why have the hassle of taking up much needed luggage space when you can have the item delivered to your destination. Here at National Mobility Hire we can have that arranged so the item is there waiting for you upon arrival.”

In fact, if you are not aware of this, there are increasingly more and more lightweight mobility scooters which are designed for travel. These portable mobility scooters tend to break down into separate parts (usually three) and they can be transported very easily in the boot of the car, on a coach or in the hold of an aeroplane.

Another popular reason for renting a scooter instead of buying is to actually try one out so you are actually able to make a better and more informed decision when it comes to which one you should actually purchase.

They have in mind a mobility scooter will cost at least $1000 if not more to buy brand-new. Even a second-hand mobility scooter for sale is likely to be in the region of $500 if not more. Given that this is not only a significant financial outlay but an item that is critical for your health and mobility, it is really important to consider all the different factors.

Much depends on the types of use and the places that you intend to visit on your scooter. Perhaps you just need the scooter for short trips to the shops and back or perhaps you need a more robust scooter that is allowed on the roads. There are many other considerations and there are great differences between makes and models of scooters.

Certainly our website aims to take the step-by-step through the process of educating you so that you can make a decision on which type of mobility scooter is best for you, nevertheless nothing can beat the practical use of a scooter for a short length of time.

Long-Term Mobility Scooter Hire

It is also possible to hire mobility scooters long-term. This would be a good option if you if you don’t have the lump sum to purchase a scooter.

You will be able to make small monthly payments for the use of a mobility scooter which will be no hassle free whatsoever because it will come with a warranty or guarantee and the service within the rental fee you pay each month.

This is quite an advantage and is a stress free option so you don’t have to deal with mobility scooter insurance and having to arrange any mobility scooter repairs that may occur.

You will also be able to upgrade your scooter to newer and better models whereas if you had bought a electric mobility scooter you would have to deal with selling or part exchanging it in return for another one.

How Much Does Mobility Scooter Hire Cost?

Naturally you want to know just how much does it cost to rent a mobility scooter. Well most companies make it hard to find their prices but we did see mention of it being from just £3 a week.

Mobility Scooter Hire Resources UK:

Rentscoota can be contacted on 0844 8007074 and they offer a nationwide mobility scooter hire service whether it be for a short time or a longtime, the choice is yours.

National Mobility Hire offer both short-term hire and long-term hire throughout most of the United Kingdom.

“Whenever or wherever you need the temporary use of a mobility scooter, National Mobility Hire will provide the right piece of mobility equipment for your needs.”


  1. Nicola Hopkins says

    I need please a folding scooter that is light weight and can fit in a car boot

  2. Karen cain says

    Need help with a scooter that folds and I am 22 stone and would like it for this weekend I do have a scooter that does not fold

  3. Karen cain says

    I would like to hire a folded scooter for my weekend a way one that folded like a case I do have a scooter but that does not fold I am 22 stone that you very much for reading my email and hope you can help me I need the scooter for this weekend

  4. Michael Mackenzie says

    Enquiring about hiring a scooter for my mum

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