Mobility Scooters Abroad – Hiring Mobility Scooters in Europe

Not many popular tourist holiday destinations have readily available mobility scooters for hire. Spain and its Costas, Canary Islands, Balearics, Portugal’s Algarve, Cyprus and the U.S.A are the most popular exceptions.

Spain and its coastal resorts is the top holiday destination for many northern European countries and is especially popular for families with children as well as pensioners.

One of the things that never fails to amaze me is how many mobility scooters can be seen while on a holiday abroad. Benidorm in Spain is one of the top short haul destinations for British holidaymakers and you can literally see a couple of hundred people making use of them on any given day even during the off peak holiday periods. Official statistics show that there are as many as 500 mobility scooters being hired out on a weekly basis in the Costa Blanca town.

What is even more surprising to see that many of the holidaymakers I was observing were not in need of a mobility scooter but were hiring them to make their holiday more enjoyable by not having to walk about. In fact many young people hired mobility scooters for the day at the Terra Mitica Theme Park which does come in handy on very hot days when walking about in the very hot sun up the hills can become very tiring. Mobility scooter hire is priced at 28 for the day at the park.

Mobility scooters have also become a popular way to get around on a pub crawl, a very popular activity on stag and hen nights. Unfortunately the inebriated have caused many accidents such as crashing through glass doors thinking they were automatic and getting their scooters stuck on the sandy beaches of the Playa Levante while riding on the beach.

The Benidorm Town Hall is introducing new regulations limiting scooter hire to the over 55 aged group and the disabled who are able to present a doctor’s or disability certificate. Drunk driving and speeding fines are also set to be introduced with penalties for the rental agencies if the holidaymakers fail to pay.  All mobility scooters have to be registered with the Town Hall and have an inscription number identifying the rental firms or individuals.

Most people that require mobility scooters while on holiday can rent them locally at the hotels and if they don’t have any for hire will have a local shop bring them around if booked ahead of time.

Of course if you already own a mobility scooter then you can bring your own abroad but would have to check with the airline as they have different requirements especially regards lithium batteries which power the mobility scooters.

Mobility scooters can be hired locally from as little as 6 a day or 40 a week.  Most mobility scooter rental companies will rent them out by the week, but some will hire them out at your convenience by the day. Prices for the same models do vary from resort to resort and country to country.

It pays to shop around for the best mobility scooter rental deals and here are some sites so that you can compare prices.


  1. Robert M Nicholson says

    Am seeking to rent a mobility scooter in Munich Sept 8-11
    I am 6’2″ and weight 330lbs.

    May I have contacts to pursue?

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