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In this section we help and assist you if you are looking for mobility scooters for sale. We are commonly asked many questions on this topic, for example:

  1. Where can I buy a cheap mobility scooter?
  2. What stores sell used electric mobility scooters?
  3. Where can I find secondhand mobility scooters for sale?
  4. Is there a website selling discount mobility scooters?
  5. Can I compare electric mobility scooters online?
  6. Can I get a free mobility scooter?
  7. Who sells reconditioned mobility scooters?
  8. Which is the best mobility scooter?

What Type of Scooter Do You Need?

When you are looking to buy a mobility scooter you will need to consider your budget and whether you’re looking to buy a brand-new scooter or a second hand or used one.

Before you reach that point it is important to consider why you need a mobility scooter and which type of scooter you should be looking to buy. This information is more comprehensively covered in detail on our types of mobility scooter page.

Very briefly, there are three specific types of mobility scooter. They start from lightweight portable scooters which are often ideal for folding up and taking with you when you go travelling.

The next scooter up is a three wheel scooter which is ideal for using inside your home as well as short journeys such as going from your home to the shops. The scooters are more durable and stable than the travel versions and best suited to riding on pavements only. These scooters are typically class two vehicles which are limited to pavement use only (and crossing roads) with a maximum speed of 4 mph.

Four wheel mobility scooters tend to be much more robust and strong and are best suited to outdoor use only. Many of these are class three vehicles which are able to go a maximum speed of 8 mph and they are allowed to be driven on public roads. They even include heavy duty models designed for large, heavy people and off-road mobility scooters also known as performance scooters.

If you are unclear as to some of these terms, such as class 2 and class 3, you should probably read our section on the legal requirements of mobility scooters as this covers some useful information such as the rules on insurance for mobility scooters, road tax, driving tests and registration information.

New Mobility Scooters For Sale

If you are looking to buy brand-new you will have the advantage of a guarantee from the manufacturer, such as Pride mobility scooters or Shoprider mobility scooters, which you are unlikely to have if you are buying a used mobility scooter. Clearly reliability is of great importance and the last thing you want is to break down when you are out and about. It is even possible to take out a breakdown cover plan for mobility scooters.

Used Mobility Scooters – Secondhand  Scooters For Sale

There are many places to buy secondhand mobility scooters includinmg Amazon and eBay as well as stores and shops.

There is no reason why a used mobility scooter should be completely avoided as long as you are able to try it before you buy and that some sort of warranty is given. If you are buying privately this will not be possible but every shop is legally bound by European law to cover your purchase for six months.

Buy or Rent Instead?

As an alternative to buying a scooter which can be quite expensive, you could consider mobility scooter hire instead.

This is especially useful if you are travelling abroad to a holiday destination and you will need assistance in getting around. In this case mobility scooter hire will give you a much greater holiday and vacation experience as you will be able to see many more sights without exhausting yourself.  Most major destinations will have companies offering mobility scooter hire or rental.

Other reasons for renting a mobility scooter instead of buying one would be that you can get to try one before you buy.

In addition you will not need to deal with any issues such as mobility scooter servicing, maintenance and repairs.

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