Buying Second Hand Mobility Scooters

One of the easiest ways to have access to a mobility scooter is to have a look at the second hand market.

There are many reasons why there is a second hand market for mobility scooters such as people wanting an upgrade to a more suitable scooter or not needing one any more for various reasons such as improved health or mobility, or not really having needed one in the first place.

Mobility Giant

There are a few companies such as Mobility Giant which specialise in second hand mobility scooters. Purchasing a second hand mobility scooter from a company such as Mobility Giant has many more benefits apart from costing far less than brand new. All second hand mobility scooters come with a six month warranty, free delivery throughout the United Kingdom, brand new batteries fitted into all the mobility scooters and a full money back guarantee if not satisfied.

An example of the kind of savings that can be made by purchasing a second hand mobility scooter is the TGA Mobility Mystere Mobility Scooter which as already been reduced from £3395 to £1599 with the company Mobility Scooter Plus. The same model the TGA Mobility Mystere Mobility Scooter is priced at £995 with Mobility Giant. To compare more models and prices you can have a look at which is the second hand mobility scooter supplier and

Used Mobility Scooter Shop

The Used Mobility Scooter Shop also specialises in second hand mobility scooters and also brings some added benefits to the table. If you are already in possession of a mobility scooter and want to trade up then you have the ability to so a part exchange with the Used Mobility Scooter Shop. Free delivery is available within a 75 mile from the sea side town of Eastbourne. People have options to hire mobility scooters on a short time basis which is ideal for visiting relatives. Every mobility scooter comes with a three month warranty which can be extended to twelve months. Second hand mobility scooters such as the Shoprider Sovereign start from as little as £400. For more information on the available models and prices you can have a look at


Scootamart is worth a peruse for a second hand mobility scooter and they sell more than just second hand mobility scooters. They also sell second hand powerchairs, wheelchairs, walking aids, ramps, rise and recline chairs, adjustable beds and canopies.  Scootamart is one of the companies that has the Motability Scheme as a partner which is food for people who are receiving DVLA.  They are also VAT registered and are happy to sell mobility scooters free of the 20% VAT to the disabled and chronically ill  who qualify.

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