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Purchasing a mobility scooter is a major purchase and expense. Having bought this complex piece of machinery it is important that you consider its maintenance.

Looking after your scooter by having it serviced will extend its natural lifespan however it is inevitable that wear and tear on your vehicle is bound to result in a need to find replacement parts and spares as well as need for the occassional repairs.

This page will help guide you towards different sections whereby you will find sources in which to purchase mobility scooter parts and spares the most common of which are:

  • Tyres (Tires) & Tubes
  • Mobility Scooter Batteries
  • Battery Chargers
  • Armrests
  • Controllers
  • Keys & Key Switches
  • Motors & Transaxles
  • Motor Brushes & Brush Caps
  • Speed Potentiometers
  • Throttle Potentiometers
  • Wheel Assemblies
  • Motor Brakes
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Lights & Lenses
  • Horn and Light Switches

We are also able to help you source brand name replacement parts from the major mobility scooter manufacturers such as Pride Mobility and Shoprider.

Having purchased a mobility scooter your next step is to consider its maintenance and accessories which complement your purchase.

In addition to necessary parts you may also wish to to consider buying mobility scooter accessories which complement your purchase. These include:

Mobility scooter bags – these bags typically fit onto the back of the seat providing additional storage space for items such as additional clothing and shopping.

Mobility scooter baskets – typically fitting onto front of the handlebars basket provides room in which to carry your shopping.

Mobility scooter trailer – although you can attach bags and baskets to your scooter there will be times where this is insufficient to carry enough items. With a trailer attached to the back of your scooter new not limited to the amount of shopping or other items you wish to transport. it also makes it safer so that you are not overloading the handlebars of your scooter with heavy shopping which could affect the steering.  A trailer simply attaches to the back of your scooter.

Mobility scooter lifts – these are mechanical devices, also commonly known as hoists, which enable easy loading and lifting up of your mobility scooter into the boots of cars or into vans.

Mobility scooter ramps – these ramps make life a lot easier by enabling you to push your mobility is to up the ramp into a vehicle such as a car or van. Equally ramps are also used so that your scooter can get over door thresholds or small steps.

Mobility scooter carrier – is a device which fits onto the back of a vehicle such as a car, van or caravan which enables you to transport your mobility scooter in a similar fashion to a trailer and towbar which fits onto the back of the car.

Mobility scooter storage – when space is at a premium consider purchasing additional storage and shelters such as the storage shed in which you can keep your scooter.

Mobility scooter cover – these waterproof covers are designed to fit over your scooter to protect it from rain should you need to keep it outside your house. These rain covers will prevent corrosion should the scooter get wet.

Mobility scooter canopy – these canopies shelter you from  the rain. The canopy (also known as a cape) fits over you and the mobility scooter and provides protection from the elements.

Mobility Scooter Stick & Crutch Carrier


  1. Hi do you have a motor for drive style mobility scooter please

  2. robert gray says

    hi am mr robert gray i want to by a mobilty scooter battrie for a devilbiss scooter its a brand new 1 but the battries wont charge up as its been standing for a long time a 12v 1 can you ring me on 01429278151 thanks

  3. Richard Mather says

    could you please tell me how much a controller model 12112203 is for a pride libre mobility scooter is please Thank you,

  4. David Payne says

    I have a mobile scooter (wispa), which was used by my mother, after she past, I lent it to my neigbours unfortunately it was returned without the battery charger or ignition key, could you help me by pointing me in the right direction as to where I can purchase these items.

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