In this section we cover some of the most popular questions that people email to us.

Is it compulsory to take out scooter insurance?

Currently there is no legal obligation to have mobility scooter insurance although it is highly recommended, not only because of the high value of the scooter itself, but more importantly the possibility of eliminating any third party liability. This could result if you have an accident and injure another person or damage their property.

How often should I get my mobility serviced?

We would suggest having an annual service on your mobility scooter in order to potentially eliminate any problems. Hopefully having regular servicing will enable parts that are almost worn out, to be replaced in time so that you do not breakdown when out in public. If your scooter comes with a manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee , don’t forget that if you do not keep up with the suggested service schedule, you may find your warranty or guarantee is invalidated should your scooter need repairing.

Where can I get my mobility scooter repaired or fixed?

No matter how often you have a mobility scooter service there is always the possibility of a part of becoming faulty and needing repair.  Our detailed page on mobility scooter repairs will give you a number of different companies who offer nationwide repairs to mobility scooters.

Do I need to take a driving test?

Mobility scooters are classified in the United Kingdom as a Class 3 vehicle which is not legally defined as a motor vehicle and therefore you are not required to take a driving licence.

For all the detailed government legal requirements and regulations concerning mobility scooters in the United Kingdom, you should read our detailed mobility scooters legal requirements page.

Do I need to apply for a tax disc?

Because mobility scooters are classified in the United Kingdom as a Class 3 invalid carriage, they are not subject to Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax).

Should I register my mobility scooter?

Only if your mobility scooter comes under the classification of being a class three invalid carriage. If this is the case you will need to register it with the DVLA and display a ‘nil duty’ tax disc.

How far will scooters travel?

Although this varies from model to model, typically they will run a minimum of 5 miles and up to a maximum distance of 25 miles before needing to be recharged. Mobility scooters run on electric batteries which can be easily charged without the need to remove he battery.

What is the maximum weight capacity?

The maximum laden weight of a mobility scooter should not exceed 150 kilograms or 330 lbs.

What is the speed limit for mobility scooters?

When riding on pavements the maximum speed is 4 mph and when riding on roads they must not exceed 8 mph (12.8 km).

If I buy a mobility scooter how long is the warranty or guarantee for?

Can I charge my scooter via my car battery?

How much do mobility scooters cost?

How much does it cost to run a mobility scooter?

When should I charge my scooter up and for how long?

Are scooters difficult to maintain?

What is the best mobility scooter?

There is no one particular scooter which we would recommend in preference to others because they all vary from model to model and it does depend on your individual circumstances.

We can tell you that most popular brand-name in the mobility scooter industry is Pride mobility scooters but there are many others such as Shoprider and we recommend you read our section on  Makes, models and reviews.

Which type of scooter is best for me?

Mobility scooters come in many shapes and sizes and we refer you to our section on types of mobility scooters which will help assist you in deciding what type of scooter is best for you. These range from foldable travel scooters to heavy-duty, off-road performance scooters.

Where can I buy parts, spares and accessories for my scooter?

It can be very hard to find spare parts and accessories for mobility scooters because you can’t just go to your local high street and buy them. with this in mind we have guides on which parts and accessories you will need and where to purchase them from.

How can social services help mobility scooter owners?

Can I get financial aid to purchase a mobility scooter?

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