If you are thinking of buying a mobility scooter then it is essential to understand the different types of scooters that are available. Your choice of scooter does not depend so much on the brand or make and model but instead your particular needs.

Depending on your intended use, we can generally divide mobility scooters into three separate types:

Lightweight Mobility Scooters

The first group are lightweight mobility scooters that are designed primarily for travel.  Therefore these travel mobility scooters actually break down into separate parts which can be stored in the boot of a car or other vehicle.

There are a number of different terms for these scooters but effectively they refer to the same type. Sometimes you will see them referred to as portable mobility scooters, travel mobility scooters, transportable mobility scooters, foldable or folding mobility scooters.

It is usually fair to say that these scooters are usually small, light and not very robust or strong. They are best used indoors and have a shorter battery life than other types of scooters.

3Wheel Mobility Scooters

4 Wheel Mobility Sooters

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